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Video adegan ranjang pelakon TV merebak di Internet.

TERSEBAR DENGAN CEPAT: Video mengenai pelakon Suria kini hangat dimuat turun dan dibincangkan di pelbagai laman sosial Internet. — Foto TAUFIK A. KADER

6 Feb 2010


Video adegan ranjang pelakon TV merebak di Internet

Nama aktres jadi bahan carian paling tinggi dan dibual hangat

Azahar Mohd

SEJURUS selepas video skandal seks seorang bekas pramugari dan pelakon televisyen terbongkar di rangkaian sosial Facebook, video itu telah pun merebak bak api yang tidak terkawal.

Malah, nama pelakon itu, yang berusia dalam lingkungan 20-an tahun, merupakan antara carian paling tinggi di beberapa laman enjin pencari di Singapura dan menjadi perbualan hangat sama ada di blog atau pelbagai rangkaian sosial, seperti Twitter dan Facebook.

Akibat pendedahan memalukan itu, pelakon tersebut, yang dikatakan sedang mengandung, dipercayai sedang bersembunyi.

Video itu, antara lain, menunjukkan adegan ranjang pelakon wanita itu, yang pernah menjadi juara pertandingan Anugerah anjuran saluran Suria lebih 10 tahun lalu.

Adegan tersebut dikatakan dilakukan dengan teman lelakinya.

Kedua-duanya melakukan hubungan seks oral dan rakaman video seks itu berjalan selama lebih empat minit.

Sebelum ini, seorang lagi aktres sambilan, Rosita Hussin, 35 tahun, menafikan beliau memuat turun penghubung atau link di Facebook kepada tapak perkongsian media, Multiply, yang mengandungi video itu.

Video itu kemudian telah disalin dan dimuat turun di beberapa tapak lucah di Eropah, seperti redtube dan turut dibincangkan dengan meluas di beberapa laman sosial seperti Hardwarezone, My Car Forum dan Sammyboy.

Cik Rosita mendakwa beliau tidak memeriksa akaun Facebooknya sejak tiga minggu lalu kerana beliau sedang mengandung tujuh bulan dan sibuk melayan dua lagi anaknya.

Beliau mendakwa seseorang telah menceroboh akaun Facebooknya dan menggunakannya untuk menghubungkannya kepada video seks wanita itu kepada ‘beratus-ratus’ rakannya di Facebook.

Namun, penghubung di Multiply itu telah pun dihentikan dan akaun itu yang dibuka Selasa lalu telah dibatalkan pada Rabu lalu.

Cik Rosita mempunyai lebih 1,000 rakan di akaun Facebooknya, yang kebanyakannya merupakan rakan artis, golongan media, model dan deejay.

Beliau berkata, beliau tidak tahu siapa yang mencerobohi akaunnya.

Seorang konsultan teknologi maklumat, Encik Muhammad Ridzwan Rahmat, 31 tahun, berkata kata laluan seorang pengguna boleh dicuri sekiranya pengguna itu menerima e-mel palsu kononnya daripada Facebook menerusi kaedah phishing.

‘Setelah memperolehi kata laluan itu, pengguna yang lain kemudian boleh menceroboh laman Facebook. Selain itu, teknologi di Facebook agak teguh,’ ujarnya.

Menurut Encik Ridzwan, di bawah Akta Penerbitan Tidak Diingini (UPA), adalah satu kesalahan untuk sesiapa menyimpan bahan lucah dalam komputer atau menghantarnya melalui e-mel atau sistem perkongsian fail.

Mereka yang didapati bersalah boleh dihukum denda sehingga $10,000 atau penjara sehingga tiga tahun atau kedua-duanya sekali.


MJ Doctor Warrants Unsealed

LAS VEGAS – A NEVADA judge released warrant documents on Wednesday similar to those previously disclosed in the investigation of pop singer Michael Jackson’s death.

However, Clark County District Court Judge Valerie Adair decided to keep other documents sealed for at least 30 more days at the request of police conducting a homicide investigation.

Ms Adair refused to disclose documents relating to an Aug 11 search of a Las Vegas pharmacy where authorities say Jackson’s personal physician, Dr Conrad Murray, bought the powerful anesthetic propofol.

The Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Jackson’s death a homicide, caused primarily by propofol and another sedative. Dr Murray has not been charged with a crime but is the focus of the probe.

Lawyers representing The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, TMZ Productions Inc of Los Angeles and Stephens Media LLC, the parent company of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, are seeking the release of all search warrant documents relating to the Jackson case in Nevada.

After reviewing affidavits and hearing closed-door testimony from a police detective, Ms Adair said she was convinced that releasing documents involving the search of Applied Pharmacy Services ‘could compromise the Los Angeles Police Department’s ongoing investigation into the homicide of Michael Jackson.’ She ordered a Nov 18 hearing to determine whether there is continued justification to keep the search warrant sealed. — AP

Straits Times


King’s New E-Book Delayed

NEW YORK – THE latest weapon in the publishing price wars: Stephen King.

Scribner announced on Wednesday that the digital edition of King’s Under the Dome, a 1,000-plus page novel, would not be released until Dec 24, virtually the end of the holiday season and a month after the hardcover.

E-books have already been delayed for Sen Edward Kennedy’s True Compass and Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue as publishers try to prevent the cheaper digital editions from taking sales from hardcovers, which, until recently, cost more.

‘Given the current state of the marketplace and trends in digital book pricing, we believe that this is the most appropriate publishing sequence for this particular 1088 page work of fiction,’ said spokesman Adam Rothberg of Scribner’s parent company, Simon & Schuster.

Thanks to an online price war among, Amazon and, the hardcover for Under the Dome, Going Rogue and other popular November releases can be pre-ordered for US$9 (S$12.50) or less, a strong source of concern among publishers and independent booksellers, who cannot afford to charge so little.

Under the Dome will have the same list price as the hardcover, US$35. and other online retailers have been offering best-selling e-editions for US$9.99, which publishers worry is unrealistically low. — AP

Straits Times


Lasseter To Get Producer Prize

LOS ANGELES – ANIMATION pioneer and Toy Story creator John Lasseter is getting a career honour from the Producers Guild of America.

Lasseter is receiving the David O Selznick Achievement Award at the guild’s awards show Jan 24.

He’s the first producer of animated films to receive the award.

Past recipients include Clint Eastwood, Jerry Bruckheimer, Stanley Kramer and Billy Wilder.

The Producers Guild says Lasseter’s work with Pixar Animation and parent company Disney has raised the bar for animated and live-action filmmakers alike.

Lasseter directed 1995′s Toy Story, the first feature-length computer-animated movie, and Toy Story 2, along with A Bug’s Life and Cars. He oversees animation at both Pixar and Disney. — AP

Straits Times


Ex-Smallville Star In Drug Bust

LOS ANGELES – A FORMER actor in Superman-themed US television series ‘Smallville’ was arrested in Los Angeles on drugs charges, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Sam Jones, 26, who played the young Clark Kent’s best friend for three seasons, was arrested by Drug Enforcement Administration agents Wednesday for conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of oxycodone or oxycontin.

The drug, a powerful opioid painkiller, is often described as ‘hillbilly heroin’. The US Attorney’s office said Jones was involved in a series of deals involving the drug in 2008.

According to documents filed in US District Court in Los Angeles Jones was the ‘Hollywood connection’ in a plot to purchase and distribute the substance.

Jones has been charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, and if convicted faces up to 20 years in federal prison, the US Attorney’s Office said.

Airing for the first time in 2001, ‘Smallville’ follows the fortunes of hero Clark Kent before he develops his alternate superhero identity as Superman. The show is now in its ninth season. — AFP

Straits Times


Autograph Pays For Operation

MOSCOW – VLADIMIR Komarov always cherished his signed photo of French actress Brigitte Bardot, but has cashed it in to pay for an operation, the popular Russian daily Tvoi Den reported on Wednesday.

The 50-year-old miner from the Ural region wrote a love letter to the blonde star of And God Created Woman when he was a boy, receiving an autographed picture from Bardot in return.

Suffering from a lung disease, Komarov put his prized possession up for sale to pay for the surgery, getting 61,000 rubles (around S$2,800) in return.

‘Without this operation I will die. I would never have wanted to sell this photograph, but I have no other option,’ explained the miner, who is pictured in the Russian newspaper holding the famous photo in his hand. — AFP

Straits Times


MTV Makes Horror Movie

LOS ANGELES – MTV, which made its name as the home of the music video three decades ago, will launch a drive into scripted original programs on Friday that executives hope will mark a new era for the youth-oriented cable channel.

At a time when many TV studios are reducing expensive scripted dramas and comedies, MTV is expanding its horizons beyond its current reality-heavy slate and making original movies and series on a tight budget.

‘A big part of our mission as we go forward is to add scripted programming, animation, comedy and long-form movies to the mix,’ said Tony DiSanto, president of programming at MTV, a unit of Viacom Inc .

Friday’s premiere of ‘My Super Psycho Sweet 16″, a horror movie inspired by the hit MTV reality series ‘My Super Sweet 16″, is the first of four original movies due to air over the next 12 months. Other programs in the works include a comedy series and a US remake of the British teen drama ‘Skins’.

Mr DiSanto said ‘My Super Psycho Sweet 16″, shot in Atlanta, Georgia to maximize tax credits, ‘cost us less than than two half-hour episodes of ‘The Hills”. It went from script to finished production in six months.

MTV declined to say how much it was investing in the productions. — REUTERS

Straits Times


‘Earhart’s Hair’ Actually Thread

WASHINGTON – AN AVIATION museum in the US state of Ohio that believed it was displaying a hair sample from famed flyer Amelia Earhart made an unfortunate discovery, after DNA analysis revealed it to be a piece of thread.

‘In a disappointing turn of events,’ as Cleveland’s International Women’s Air and Space Museum described it in a statement, the lock of ‘hair’ in their possession since 1986 was revealed as thread only after they put it on display this year.

Museum officials said they had confidence in the artifact, having been recovered by a maid at the White House after Earhart – a friend of first lady Eleanor Roosevelt – stayed there shortly before her final flight.

‘It was always believed it was her hair,’ Heather Alexander, the museum’s office manager, told AFP.

The museum had lent a small sample of the ‘hair’ to a historian’s organisation hoping to uncover the truth of Earhart’s demise and seeking to match DNA to other artifacts found on the central Pacific island of Nikumororo.

The thread remains on display at the museum as part of an Earhart exhibition that is on show until Nov 15. ‘We’ve changed the sign and explained everything,’ assured Ms Alexander. — AFP

Straits Times


DIY Wiki-Magazine Soon

JERUSALEM – THE founder of online encyclopedia Wikipedia said on Wednesday he had entered into a partnership with computer company Hewlett Packard that will allow users to create and print magazines.

Jimmy Wales, founder of the user-edited Wikipedia, said users will be able to publish personal magazines using content from Wikia sites.

Traditional magazine readership is in decline, with some closing, and the new initiative is aimed at the wealth of information on the Internet that can be personalised.

Using HP’s MagCloud, users will be able to print on-demand magazines from Wikia’s more than 50,000 communities and 3 million pages of content.

To publish a glossy, full-colour magazine for friends, the coffee table or mass distribution, Wikia users select the content and cover page, and then order their request through MagCloud, HP said in a statement. — REUTERS

Straits Times


Retrial For Travolta Case

NASSAU (Bahamas) – A JUDGE in the Bahamas has ordered a retrial in the John Travolta extortion case because of possible juror misconduct.

Judge Anita Allen issued the order on Wednesday after a local politician said in a speech on TV and radio that one of the defendants had been acquitted after the monthlong court case.

Ms Allen did not set a date for a new trial.

An ambulance driver and his lawyer were charged with trying to extort US$25 million (S$35 million) from John Travolta following the death of the actor’s son.

Travolta attorney Michael Ossi said he will cooperate in any way possible and testify again if necessary. — AP

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